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Half of women have no pensions – Linked in discussion

Keren Smedley Half of women have no pension……This is a bit worrying! Time we did something about it?

These are horrible statistics that must change.  We should be enjoying our lives whilst putting a little away for the future.

We recently looked at our pensions and with the support of MN Consultancy
Independent Financial Adviser for both businesses and individuals
Birch House 80 Eastmount Road Darlington Co Durham DL1 1LA.   We have saved a fortune whilst gaining much more protection and cover across a range of our financial needs.

They also enabled us to secure a good pension that is fit for purpose for small business owners.  We strongly recommend him and that both men and women take charge of their financial futures.

After all, surely we all don’t want our standards and life style to decrease as we get older, quite the opposite I suspect!  This is also an equality issue that will transcend the age barrier too.

MN Consultancies phone number is 0797 064 4212. He travels and uses e-commerce to meet customer requirements.

We have struggled at times to find the best person to source what we have wanted and often had to learn the bitter, hard way unfortunately, so happy to share this contact with you all.

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