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The Wedding is off!

Red Pressures - Controlling the Heat! as Pab's and Tash call off their wedding plans

Pablo and Tasha put their wedding plans on hold

Whatever will happen next? Pablo and Tasha had originally planned to wed in June 2010, however the wedding was initially cancelled as Tasha’s wedding dress was slow to arrive. When the dress finally did arrive, “owch” it was too small. Thus the dress was returned and an alternative dress with knickers and matching vail was ordered.

Tasha found the episode extremely distressing thus embarked upon a fitness regime, given we struggled to find an alternative suitable dress. The dress with the matching vail and knickers was ordered following much consultation with the online shop Diva Dogs where they insisted that Tasha was carefully measured as the dress would need to be ordered from America.

Unfortuneatley Tasha does not like exercise and refuses to even run for the ball, thus her fitness regime appeared to be proving quite unsucessful. But why does Tasha appear to be growing in size instead of losing the weight? Many people passed comment and judgement about her weight which she began to find distressing, especially given that her fiancee Pablo appeared to be increasingly paying more attention to Pipa when she visited the family home.

Anyway, unfortunately the decision has been made today to postpone the wedding which is quite unfortunate as the list of invitees is vast.


Well, Pippa stayed the weekend and all went well, although Tasha did have a go at her on one occasion. We felt very sorry for Tasha this weekend as she struggled on in the heat. Well done Tasha.

We are embarrassed to say that Pablo and Pippa continued their flirtatious behaviour, however we stopped them whenever this took place in front of her.

Red Pressures

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