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Red Pressures Fundraising for Diabetes UK #GNR

Red Pressures have entered two contestants to raise money for Diabetes UK in the #GNR.  Over £500 pounds for Diabetes UK has been raised through PRAXAIR who are more than happy to sponsor this worthy cause that may be treatable especially if caught early.

Diabetes can cause significant problems to children, young people, adults and the elderly if left untreated and if diagnoses is late.

Good luck to Red Pressures participants and everyone else taking part in our great Northeast activity the Great North Run

Jonathan’s grandparents both suffered from type 2 diabetes.

Great North Run for Diabetes – Fundraising

Two of our Red Pressures team, namely Mike and Jonathan are in training to raise lots of money for BNI Quaker Chapter Member – Diabetes. If anyone would like to donate to this very worthy cause, please contact Mike directly.

Fundraising for Darlington Sixth Form Student

Spraire Lads and Lasses and Durham FA were fundraising today in partnership with Red Pressures to support a student from Darlington Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College who is raising money to enable her field trip to teach in India. If anyone would like to donate or fundraise on behalf of this student, please contact Dave Scott on 01325 253581 or email us and we will forward the mail on.

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