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Family Engagement Services

Red Pressures Family Engagement Services is a unique private and confidential service for professionals who are separating, divorcing, in conflict, in need of mediation, or simply requiring a little advice, guidance and support.  After all, prevention is better than cure is it not!

Our Contact services support families to remain in contact with each other in the short medium and long term.

It is a fact that many public servants face dismissal as there is zero tolerance to domestic violence and some of the behaviours associated with this such as alcohol, none prescription drugs.

In this modern day world with cuts and so many additional pressures being placed on professionals to ensure cost effective services whilst potentially facing redundancy brings many strains and pressures upon family life.  Thus making it very difficult to maintain work life balance and without work life balance, the pressures placed upon families can become insurmountable.

Red Pressures works with professional parents to maintain their families where possible.

Red Pressures works with children and young people to support them through family turmoil which can strike each and everyone of us at any time!

How many families do you know of who have faced separation and divorce, bereavement and loss.  Take a moment to spare a thought for our armed forces and the multifaceted pressures that they face on a daily basis whilst trying to Control their Heat!

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