Red Pressures – Controlling the Heat!

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Tasha and Paplo’s Disclosure!

Red Pressures - Controlling the Heat! whilst Tasha fights for her Pablo

Paplo and Tasha Together Forever

Well, Pippa is coming to stay this weekend and we are all worrying as to how Tasha will respond to Pippa back on her own turf.

A couple of weeks ago we booked Tasha in to see her personal vet to have the op.  You know what I mean, the op that prevents her from having any more puppies.  Oh, well I suppose that I should share with you that our dear Tasha had 8 pups last Christmas. (yes out of wedlock).

How did this happen – we don’t know but given Paplo could not keep his paws off her then we all know the story of the birds and the bees.  After she gave birth, she swiftly lost her weight but slowly started to gain weight of recent months, we thought that it was due to Pippa’s visits and Paplo’s constant flirtatious behaviour with Pippa;  Which was so blatant it was shocking at times.  Tasha’s appointment was cancelled due to her appearing to be depressed, very low in mood which we thought was due to the fact that she could not loose her weight for her wedding; hence we gave her lots of pampering treatments and sent her off to a retreat for a week, only to note that she has come back in a delicate position.  We will have to take her to the vets next week to see when the new arrivals will be due.  Will the wedding happen this year – we don’t know.

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