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Giving something back and gaining something special #Darlington #BNI #NEFollowers

We have previously shared that we are sponsoring Spraire Lads and Lasses U11’s North team.

We commissioned Eddy Ellwood of Unit 22, Parkview Industrial Estate, Prospect Way, Hartlepool to make our strips which were designed in partnership with Red Pressures and LocalRus.

Today, we received acknowledgement from the club’s Chairman which was very nice.
Please contact Chairman Spraire Lads and Lasses – Jason Crowther on 07919 568 537 for further details of how to sponsor a Darlington Spraire Lads Team.

Draft picture by Filmar Photography.

It is good to give.

Red Pressures - Sponsor Local Darlington Football Team

Givers Gain - How rewarding it is to sponsor a local team.

Letter from Darlington Spraire Lads and Lasses

Thanks for Sponsoring a local children's football team

X Factor is the emotional roller coaster worth the potential rewards?

Judges House Finalists Emerge

X Factor Reveal Their Finalists

I felt quite concerned for the contestants following Sunday nights show.  I felt it was unbeliveably harsh of Cheryl to knock out such high calibre contestants in favour of two contestents who did not sucessfully complete their auditions.  Yes it is show business but at what cost to the individual?

Thought it was soul destroying for Dannii to tell Paije that he needed more personality in his performance.  Surely there are better ways of letting people down without emotionally beating them up on camera?  Is there any support provided to the families of these contestants to enable them to support their loved ones in the short, medium and long term?

Simon on the other hand was considerate and compassionate and desplayed a very sensitive and caring approach.  Well done Simon.

Louis appears to be even more emotional this serious.  His passion and compassion for his fellow country man is outstanding.  He appears to have very strong values and high degrees of compassion.

The other concern is the age and vulnerability of some of the contestants.  I  truly wonder whether any form of counselling is available for those who are not successful at Judges Houses.

Cheryl presents as such a caring and compassionate person and I truly didn’t welcome seeing her being so unfair.

Personally I found it very distressing to see Cher so broken too.

I have loved Nicole (Pussycat Doll) being on the show.  What a touch of class she has been.  She is such a physically beautiful women who displayed great wisdom, knowledge and contributed much to the show during each of her appearances.  Lets hope they bring her back too.

Red Pressures Agony Aunt

Controlling the Heat!

Case Studies

Sharing Case Studies

Reflecting upon evidence of success

Service Evaluation: Full report compiled inclusive of executive summary to enable you to show your services measured impact upon your customers coupled with evidence of your organisations quality assurance.  Demonstrates the impact that your service has had on your customers thus provides you with an evidence based report of your credibility.

Case Study:

Red Pressures was invited to undertake a service evaluation of one of the Council’s leading children’s centre.  This commission involved providing interim management whilst gathering substantial evidence to support the content of the report.   Following submission of full report, this has led to the service provider offering ongoing role as change agent to lead, manage and change manage the service whilst implementing all recommendations.


Management Investigations: Don’t be afraid of employee tribunals, don’t be afraid to independently investigate incidents that arise within your organisation.  Full report supplied inclusive of executive summary, conclusions and recommendations.

Case Study:

Completed management investigation for a Local Authority Children’s Service which led to the Assistant Director being able to challenge their Ofsted grading (external inspection framework) thus successfully improving their star ratings.


Youth Services: Red Pressures provides a wide range of Youth Support Services from our executive team.  Services include: Interim Management, Strategic  direction and input, Consultancy, Service Integration, Quality assurance. Youth Inclusion, Street-based Provisions, NEET and much more.

Case Study:

Have worked closely with a local not for profit organisaiton to develop its football services across the Town, this has led to the organization now requesting that Red Pressures support them to achieve formal business status and support them to fundraise across the Town and develop their legal constitution, policies and procedures.


Social Work: Independent social work services inclusive of direct work with children, young people and their families.  Professional friend/supporter services, advocacy and support.  Fostering and Adoption support services available including mentoring and coaching support.


Coaching and Mentoring: available to support you the work and personal issues and transitions within your life.  All coaches are exceptionally experienced and from wide ranging professional services inclusive of public service careers.  Coaching and Mentoring support available to foster careers and adopters from experienced professionally qualified social workers.

Case Study

Service provided in an interim role has led to the commissioning of Red Pressures as a coach and mentor within this service provision for members of the senior executive team.  Reports to date are that significant improvements all round have been derived due to the input of her Red Pressures coach and mentor.


Red Pressures also provides bespoke safeguarding , diversity and leadership and management training that is designed to ensure return on investment.

Half of women have no pensions – Linked in discussion

Keren Smedley Half of women have no pension……This is a bit worrying! Time we did something about it?

These are horrible statistics that must change.  We should be enjoying our lives whilst putting a little away for the future.

We recently looked at our pensions and with the support of MN Consultancy
Independent Financial Adviser for both businesses and individuals
Birch House 80 Eastmount Road Darlington Co Durham DL1 1LA.   We have saved a fortune whilst gaining much more protection and cover across a range of our financial needs.

They also enabled us to secure a good pension that is fit for purpose for small business owners.  We strongly recommend him and that both men and women take charge of their financial futures.

After all, surely we all don’t want our standards and life style to decrease as we get older, quite the opposite I suspect!  This is also an equality issue that will transcend the age barrier too.

MN Consultancies phone number is 0797 064 4212. He travels and uses e-commerce to meet customer requirements.

We have struggled at times to find the best person to source what we have wanted and often had to learn the bitter, hard way unfortunately, so happy to share this contact with you all.

Red Pressures Fundraising for Diabetes UK #GNR

Red Pressures have entered two contestants to raise money for Diabetes UK in the #GNR.  Over £500 pounds for Diabetes UK has been raised through PRAXAIR who are more than happy to sponsor this worthy cause that may be treatable especially if caught early.

Diabetes can cause significant problems to children, young people, adults and the elderly if left untreated and if diagnoses is late.

Good luck to Red Pressures participants and everyone else taking part in our great Northeast activity the Great North Run

Jonathan’s grandparents both suffered from type 2 diabetes.

Red Pressures goes bling!!

Red Pressures Managing Director has gone bling courtessy of Spoilt Beauty.  This morning, Yvonne had her nails manicured – red of course with diamond on her nail on her third finger left hand which is where she weares her wedding band. (got a little carried away with that well known song – drop the title of song

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 in the comment section – if of course you know it?)

Yvonne also had a pedicure inclusive of french pedicure with diamonds on the big toe.

Jonathan’s VW – Window transformation

Window transformation

Windows removed and the gap widened

This VW will be unique.  As you can see, the windows have been reshaped to allow for a greater camper experience.

Restoration Project

The colour Change aka Respray

This is a quick look at the re-spraying process.  Took longer than expected but much was learned.

Red Pressures featured in Journal Live

Life coaching firm expands into mentoring businesses (Journal) 16.08.10[1]

Gazette Newspaper Featuring Red Pressures

Business Link Takes Pressure off Expanding Firm

A family-owned business is developing a growing reputation and expanding its client base, after receiving support from Business Link.

Darlington based Red Pressures offers a range of services including social work, training, business support such as leadership management, youth services and sports and life coaching.

The business was launched by Yvonne Cherrington in early 2007 who wanted to utilise her wealth of social work, organisational and business expertise to set up her own venture, initially working with organisations who needed management support during a gap

in recruitment.

Keen to get the business off to the best possible start, Yvonne and husband Mike approached Business Link for advice and guidance on their business idea from which marked the start of an ongoing relationship with the business support organisation.

The projects that Yvonne was involved with at this time, including her first role as Head of Safeguarding for the States of Guernsey, often meant spending time away from her family – Mike, a specialist in youth, sports and life coaching, and four children aged between 10 and 24 years old.

The role eventually led to the family uprooting from their Darlington home town to Devon after Yvonne was head hunted by Devon County Council to provide a change management programme.

Business Link adviser Suzanne Henty ensured that there was a smooth transition to Business Link in Devon.

During this time, Mike, spent his time further developing his coaching and mentoring client base, and attracted clients from as far afield as Hong Kong.

Keen to return to Darlington and establish Red Pressures’ roots in the region, with Mike a permanent member of the team, the family returned in August last year and continued their relationship with Business Link. They also joined a number of networking organisations to raise their profile in the area.

Business Link adviser Suzanne Henty has been able to provide a wide range of support to help the company through its first stage of growth. As well as ongoing mentoring and advice, she has been instrumental in helping the business to

access funds via the North East England Investment Centre (NEEIC) towards the development of an e-commerce website.

In addition, Business Link skills adviser Colin Hobson has been able to support a range of training and development initiatives, including identifying funds towards Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring and referring the business to Northumberland Business Services to complete the Leadership and Management Programme. He was also able to provide advice on locating suitable premises which has helped heighten the company’s profile.

Red Pressures is now in the throes of expansion and is providing a range of services to sole traders, SMEs, local authorities and voluntary and community sector organisations, and has seen a significant increase in its regional client base since returning to the area. The company, which employs six members of staff, including eldest sons Luke and Jonathan, is now looking to recruit two additional employees.

The Red Pressures team with Business Link advisers Suzanne Henty and Colin Hobson.

Mike Cherrington from Red Pressures said: “Suzanne and Colin have been instrumental in supporting the development of Red Pressures through ongoing advice and guidance.”

Business Link’s Suzanne Henty said: “Yvonne and Mike are determined to succeed in what is currently a difficult marketplace. Both are extremely focused and have overcome a number of obstacles to succeed. I look forward to helping

them achieve their future goals and to sustain their growth.”

Skills adviser Colin Hobson added: “Red Pressures continues to look for ways to progress and develop the busineRed Pressures – Evening Gazette 4 Aug[1]ss. They’ve established a great working relationship with Business Link and I hope this continues as the business grows.”

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