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Parenting issues in 20??

Parents, Children and Young People need to wise up!

Are you up to speed with some of the serious challenges facing children, young people and parenting today?


Parenting Matters!

Umm yes – parenting in 20?? Is very different to parenting teenagers 10 – 15 years plus ago – in my opinion. What’s different you may ask? Well lots of things are different which calls for many different parental skills and additional knowledge, resources, courage and nerve!


We now have Academy Schools and Free School’s neither of which is accountable to the Local Authority. What does this mean? Quite a lot actually as the Local Authority are no longer in a position to hold all schools to account and to provide the high-level oversight, scrutiny and support services that they use to provide.


How do you detect if your child is using alcohol or other substances? Yes of course your child is very sensible and wouldn’t use alcohol or illicit substances!


How do you control you child’s access to the Internet and how much time they spend on it?

Mobile Telephones and other such Internet accessible technological devices.

In 2015, a high percentage of children and young people either have their own mobile or Internet accessible device. So how do you control access and use of such for their own protection?

Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation

What do you do when your child is bullied in their school, locality, by their so-called friends and peers? How do you advise, guide and steer your son or daughter if they are being subjected to such horrific and soul-destroying behaviours? Well that’s if you even know that they are being subjected to such behaviours in the first place!

Social Media

How do you control the access your child has to social media and what impact can social media have on your child? On their heart, mind, body, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing?


What do you do when popularity is very important to your child and their popularity is being threatened?  Do you know the impact and what it means to your child to gain “likes” on social media?

Check back again soon as we discuss each of these issues further from a parental and a young persons perspective.  Better still, if you are a young person, parent or have something relevant to this post to share and if you would like us to consider adding your blog or your experience, please send your information to including your telephone number, email address / contact details.


Yvonne Cherrington DipSW MCMI

It’s Time for Change!!

Mike Cherrington Election 2015

Mike has successfully competed in two British Marathons’

Umm heard this somewhere before but its very true – if you sit back and complain but either take no action or simply vote for the same person or same Political Candidate as you did previously, then don’t be surprised when you see history continue to repeat itself and our Country continue to demise.

That’s why its time to change, the Green Party has a lot to offer and is not simply about environmental issues, notwithstanding how important environmental issues are to this Country,  Darlington, the World and World Peace.

The Green Party has a great deal to offer families, individuals, older people and those who need to access public services.  That is why Mike Cherrington MCMI has decided to stand to become MP for Darlington.  Mike initially started his career as an apprentice footballer for Reading; he then progressed to become a professional athlete and has won local and national medals.  He has been a volunteer since his teenage age – he is committed to lifelong volunteering and has derived much gratification from this. If you want to see positive change for Darlington then follow these steps: –

  1. Pledge towards Mike’s campaign,
  2. Vote for Green Party candidates at the next general election
  3. Vote for your local Green Councilor Candidates

Facebook: The Green party candidate for Darlington    Twitter: @GreenCandidate

Darlington Green Party Candidate

Mike is standing for Darlington MP in the General Election 2015 for the Green Party

Introducing #Darlington’s Troy Williamson

About Me

  • Troy boxes for Team GB

    Team GB Boxing

    What is your Name:

    • Troy Williamson
  • How old are you:
    • 23 years old
  • Where do you live:
    • I live in my home Town of birth – Darlington
  • What is your favourite sport:
    • Boxing
  • Who is your sporting hero:
    • Mike Tyson
  • Where do you box:
    • Darlington Boxing Club
  • Why did you get involved in boxing:
    • I became involved in boxing, as I wanted to better myself and achieve in my chosen sport so I went to my local gym and joined and soon realised that I had a lot of natural talent and potential
  • What is your background:
    • I come from a challenging background where we didn’t have a lot of money to spare, but we did have an abundance of love;  So I decided to make the most of my physical attributes in a positive way to make my family and community proud of me. I also wanted to inspire other young people to stay away from negativity, drugs and crime and to use their talents and aspirations positively
  • What are your achievements to date:
    • I’m currently ranked number 2 in England
    • I continue to help others
    • I have reached the Senior Elite ABA Finals in only my fourth boxing season
  • What is your current level of competition:
    • I Represent Great Britain, I’m boxing at world level via tournaments all over the world
  • What is your ambition:
    • My ambition is to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics, then turn professional and to win World Titles
  • Why do you require sponsorship or donations:
    • To help me to improve my fitness, training regime, diet and nutritional planning.
    • I welcome all financial (and other) donations and am particularly seeking those who wish to contribute to my sponsorship programme.
      • Sponsorship Programme:
        • Plan A = £ 175.00 per month or more for a minimum 12 month period
        • Plan B – £150 per month for a minimum of 12 months
        • Plan B = £100 per month for a minimum of 12 months
          • What do you get back for sponsoring me?
            • You would be supporting a Team GB Boxer
            • You would be supporting a future Darlington Olympic Champion
            • You would gain photographic opportunities for yourself or your business
            • You would gain my appearance for special events / occasions
            • You would gain business Branding / logo promotional opportunities for you or your business
            • You would gain 1 FREE Red Virtual Administration (RedVAS) Online Office.
            • You or your business would gain 1 FREE Red Pressures Ltd Coaching Session.
Darlington's Troy Williamson

Troy was born in the northeast of England and is working hard to promote all that Darlington and the Northeast has to offer in terms of business growth, development, family life and opportunities.



Contact Details


Instagram: troywilliamson_1

Twitter: @Troy_W1

16 Safe Employment Skills Techniques

It is very important to carry out full reference checks and vet staff before allowing them into your business even if it is for volunteering purposes.

Vetting Staff

Protecting business against rouge staff

It is important to acknowledge that some people have negative intentions and seek only to cause hassle and then to portray themselves as victims.

Employment Tribunals can be avoided by simply following some basic employment techniques such as:

1). Following though with several references checks from former employers of the prospective employee. Under no circumstances should this be avoided, even if the person is being employed to volunteer for a few hours per week.

2). Ensure that you recruit using full professional interviewing techniques and do not cut corners during this process.

3). It is good practice to have a minimum of three interviewers on the interview panel and take good notes throughout the process.

4) Test the prospective employees competence in being able to undertake the tasks that they will be employed to undertake.

5). Communicate using formal correspondence and ensure you keep your relationships on a business footing at all times as trust is something that is earned over a sustained period of time.

6). Ensure you keep a robust filing system so that you are able to retrieve relevant information at will.

7). If you or your business is taken to Employment Tribunal, its also important to take the time to follow tribunal processes or to pay for support as untrustworthy volunteers and individuals take advantage of the fact that busy business and employers do not have the time to read the mammoth correspondences and communications that the business or individual will be subjected to through Employment Tribunal processes.

8). Bare in mind that those with bad intent don’t always tell the truth to you or anyone else.

9). Black or foreign employers must also consider the racist intent of those with the will to try to cause hassle or scam monies out of others. Unfortunately this is true as racism and racist intent are horrendous and everyone should work hard to show all forms of racism the red card.

10). Considerations must be given to the intent of others and yourself if you don’t follow this basic guidance.

11). Remember that innocent business and people can be found guilty by the Employment Tribunal thus it is imperative that due process is followed and time is found for it, even though inconvenient and time consuming.

12). Please remember that those with such negative intent, have the will and the time to do so, unlike busy business.

13). There are those who seek to bully others by porting themselves as a victim. Unfortunately there are many reasons why people seek to cause hurt, pain and hassle to others but the important thing is that you must take simple steps to protect yourself from the harm, distress and financial loss that these people cause.

14). Dont be embarrassed or feel shame due to the inappropriate behaviours of others. Simply follow these simple steps and seek help, guidance and support but don’t let such bullies get you or your business down or bring you or your business down.

15). Good luck out there but it is not luck that is needed but robust recruitment and employment skills!

16). These processess are not good for your work-life balance but being bullied and harassed its good either. Therefore there are times when it is vital to take steps and to move on as most people are honest and decent and seek to do a good job and help others. This is important to remember.

For further advice, you can contact Nicky Jolly at HR2day about how to safely recruit and employ staff.

11 Tips to Keeping the Flame Alive in your Intimate Relationship

11 Tips to Promote Lasting Intimate Relationships

Nobody said relationships were easy, but guess what – if you don’t nurture and look after your relationship you will loose it!

10 ways to keep your marriage alive.

Nobody said relationships were easy, but guess what – if you don’t nurture and look after your relationship you will loose it!

Relationships don’t simply look after themselves – so why do couples seem so surprised that their relationship has come to an end?

Nobody said relationships were easy, but guess what – if you don’t nurture and look after your relationship you will loose it!

1) Kissing: Kiss on the lips when you say goodbye and when your partner returns to you each day – each time. Don’t forget to give full eye contact and smile too.

2) Attention: Spend time giving full attention when you listen to how your partners day has gone. Take the time to actively listen to what is being said to you and offer praise and demonstrate interest in what is being said to you.

3) Communication: Share the positives of your day with your partner and let them know if there is something specific that is problematic to you in your work or life. Let your partner know how they can support you. Don’t leave it to chance or make it a guessing game as to what is troubling you and what remedies you are seeking from them to help you get through. Remember that the way they used to support you in the past may not be the same support that you welcome today – as we all change! (and visa versa).

4) Intimacy: Don’t for get the power and importance of touch. Make time to physically enjoy each other. Remember that as we get older, physical touch remains very important, if it is not so important for you, it is imperative that you give due regard to your partners thoughts and feeling around this issue. Notwithstanding such, it remains important for partners to stay physically connected with each other. Do remember that as well as being sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, we all remain individuals and lovers. It is amazing that physically, we all sexually mature at different ages and our sexual needs may differ each month or year depending on what our life experiences have been. Nevertheless, physical contact can be a beautiful bind.

5) Relate: Ensure that you do something positive and personal for your partner each week – better still, each day. Take the time to make each other a drink, buy flowers, chocolates, simply something. It does not have to be of monetary value or expensive simply personal effort. It is important to demonstrate that you care, that your in love with your partner and don’t simply assume that they know this to be a fact.

6) Commitment: Be mindful that everyone has highs and lows in there lives, ups and downs. Commitment should transcend through our individual highs and lows thus allowing us to offer extended support to our partners when they need it. Sometimes this may be required when you feel that you don’t have it to give. At these times be open and honest with your partner whilst agreeing what levels of support you can realistically give. This may simply be 30 minutes of focused time, listening, holding, financial support or giving extended consideration.

7) Complementary: Be complimentary – don’t forget to look at your partner and notice their difference. By this I mean, notice a change in hair style, new cloths, new job. It is important to complement your partners achievements, physical appearance and of course the person that they are maturing into. We all change in time and overtime. If we do not work together to hold onto what we share in common, those commonalities will diminish and the things that have changed about us and our difference will drive wedges between partners. When this happens, either or both partners seek to find attention, fun and pleasure outside of the relationship which helps to bring divide, separation and unhappiness within the relationship.

8) Communication skills: Give your partner eye contact: This is so important, don’t forget to engage with your eyes to your partner, look at them and communicate your love, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You can do this by simply noticing your partner, demonstrating you care and are connected to them.

9) Clothes: Don’t forget to wear nice underwear and notice when your partner is wearing nice underwear for you. Notice and compliment your partners new cloths or better still buy an article of clothing for them (gifts). Our body changes in shape and size over the years. Childbirth, sickness, stress, time and a multitude of factors can change our physical appearance but that does not necessarily change the way we feel about ourselves or our partner. Sometimes our partners need a little encouragement to see the beauty in themselves. Sometimes our partners need a little encouragement to see the beauty that continues to exist in their partners but if the love and the will is there from both partners, you both have the tools to find your way.

10) Trust: It is good to share trust with each other and to demonstrate that you continue to have trust in your partner. It is important to acknowledge when your partner is reaching out for you or seeking reassurance that trust remains in tact. If trust has been broken within the relationship then it may be a good idea to seek appropriate help to enable trust to be reconnected. Reconnection can take place if both partners what this.

11) Work-life balance: Work-life balance can be complex to achieve with all those competing factors. Be mindful that having long lasting intimate relationships with your intimate partner will help you to achieve work-life balance. It is so important that you make the time to enjoy your partners company and to make the time to actively be with them. This means to be in the moment with them. To do things with them and to spend positive time together. To touch base with them and share the good things in their lives with them not simply the children, the bills, the debt, the family life! Keep your relationship connected. Keep the togetherness alive. Do not allow finances, work, Facebook, twitter, or technology to steal your precious time away from your partner.

Red Pressures can work with you and your partner to put the spice back into your relationship.

Yvonne Cherrington MCMI

Red Pressures

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29th May 2012

Giving something back and gaining something special #Darlington #BNI #NEFollowers

We have previously shared that we are sponsoring Spraire Lads and Lasses U11’s North team.

We commissioned Eddy Ellwood of Unit 22, Parkview Industrial Estate, Prospect Way, Hartlepool to make our strips which were designed in partnership with Red Pressures and LocalRus.

Today, we received acknowledgement from the club’s Chairman which was very nice.
Please contact Chairman Spraire Lads and Lasses – Jason Crowther on 07919 568 537 for further details of how to sponsor a Darlington Spraire Lads Team.

Draft picture by Filmar Photography.

It is good to give.

Red Pressures - Sponsor Local Darlington Football Team

Givers Gain - How rewarding it is to sponsor a local team.

Letter from Darlington Spraire Lads and Lasses

Thanks for Sponsoring a local children's football team

Picturing your child’s talents-End of season squad shots #BNI #NEFollowers #Darlington #football

Introducing Phil from Filmar Photography.

This offer is just to good to miss. That is why our Darlington Spraire Lads and Lasses Under 11’s North Team have quickly snapped up this deal.

Filmar are offering end of season squad shots featuring a 10” x 8” high quality print with your choice of wording as a footer PLUS individual head and shoulder shots to 7” x 5” of all team members and officials – just £55 which is amazing for a professional photo shoot.

For a twenty member squad plus officials, that works out at less than £3 each. Ideal for sports teams, guides, scouts, clubs, troupes etc.

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