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Red Virtual Administration (RedVAS)

Welcome to Red Virtual Administration (RedVAS).

RedVAS provides business support services to promote business time management, efficiencies, effectiveness, professionalism and Company staffs work-life balance.

We save your business the time and costs associated with hiring administration support as we remotely manage all of your business administration processes for you – inclusive of posting your mail!

We have a wide range of packages to meet the needs of varied sizes of business and enterprises.

We save you time, money and promote your work-life balance too; Whilst your business spends its time generating revenue and delivering your products or services. Your information is accessible through our bespoke app, 365 days per week, 24 hours per day.

You can register your interest at or simply find out more about our bespoke virtual office at

Last week at our #Darlington home #BNI

We had noticed that the water would not heat up if the central heating was turned on at the same time.

Before Christmas, British Gas kindly provided us with an estimate for a new boiler but the price truly felt way beyond being acceptable. Anyway, we met A D Plumbing and heating at BNI. He is currently offering to fit a new combi boiler from £1999 so we asked him to quote us a price for replacing our boiler.

He advised that our boiler is not energy efficient, but not in need of being replaced. He charged £150 for repairing the faulty valve.

He has promised a discount to everyone who purchases his services and mentions us. So now you can afford to deal with those niggling plumbing issues.

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