Red Pressures – Controlling the Heat!

About Red Pressures

Red Pressures - Controlling the Heat!

Red Pressures offers you a wide range of services

Red Pressures is a modern, energised fit for purpose life style change Company. We work with you to improve  your business and work life balance. Thus enabling your family to spend more quality time together and for individuals to reach their optimal performance in whatever they choose to do. This may be simply about supporting you to take up that hobby or interest that you have always wanted to do – to supporting you to maximise your profitability.

Red Pressures provides a variety of services that are all designed to work with you to support you to achieve your goals, ambitions, and desires. Red Pressures is all about working with you to meet your needs.

Red Pressures are a diverse family Company with much knowledge and experience of life’s, personal and professional ups and downs, highs and lows, thus are well placed to engage and support you through your dilemmas.

Business Engagement: Red Pressures works alongside you as your “Virtual Business Partner” to ensure that your business achieves optimal performance across all areas.

Management Investigations: Our Management Investigations support you to deal with complex business dilemmas that have the potential for high reputational, business and personal risk.

Integrated Youth Support Services: Red Pressures provides strategic, business, and consultancy in all aspects of Integrated Youth Support (IYS), Targeted Youth Support (TYS), Outreach, and the spectrum of youth support and engagement strategies.

Agony Aunt: Our Agony Aunt Service enables you to find confidential support to your personal or work based issues which is a useful tool to enable your decision making processes.

BAME: We provide a unique Coaching and Mentoring Service to Black, Asian (BAME) and Minority Ethnic Professionals specifically designed to ignite you into your futures.

E-Learning: Our E-Learning Courses support you to start to make small incremental steps to creating the future that you aspire to achieve. A future that enables you to develop knowledge and understanding of the person that you are today, thus enabling you to remove your blockages and go to your destiny.

Training and Development: Red Pressures consults with you to meet your leadership and management, Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity Training Needs.  We also work with Boards, Teams and Services to ensure ongoing fitness for purpose.

Complaints / Conflict Resolution: Our services swiftly eliminate problems to ensure amicable solutions are reached where it is safe and possible to do so.

Family Engagement Services: Red Pressures works in partnership with Professional Families who are going through personal crises for what ever reason. Our knowledge, skills and understanding enables families to confidentially work through their dilemmas and agree amicable ways forwards.

Coaching and Mentoring: Our Coaches and Mentors and highly skilled, highly qualified and experienced in supporting you to achieve and find meaningful solutions to your dilemmas. Whether you desire personal, professional, sports or life coaching, Red Pressures is here, ready and waiting to travel your journey with you.

Why not allow Red Pressures to Control your Heat today?

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