Red Pressures – Controlling the Heat!

Project aim

Raising the deposit for – Green Party candidate in Darlington at the General Election 2015.

About the project

Vote Green Party @2015

Green Party Candidate for Election 2015

The Green Party have chosen Mike Cherrington to represent the Party at the 2015 General Election for England, as such, we need your donation to help fund Mike’s campaign to make Darlington a better place to live, work and raise your family.

Mike has worked with the community from the cradle to the grave within his volunteering and professional career. He is a family man with four children aged between 29 – 14, and elderly parents, he also has a large extended family too, thus very in touch with the needs of the local community. He has many successes todate including winning countless sporting achivements in athletics. Mike continues to coach children and young people within the local community today, as he strongly believes in giving back to the local community and supporting children and young people.

Mike strongly believes in the Green Party and that together we can bring politics back to the people and work on the issues that matter to you, as your MP as other politicians should work for you and not themselves.

Economy: Mike strongly believes in growing the economy by supporting local business  and women in business in particular, whilst enabling parents to raise their families.  Mike believes that everyone should have a living wage and be able to maintain their family whilst having work life balance.

Crime: Restorative justice will be high on the agenda for the people of Darlington and modernising laws to ensure fitness for purpose as treating people with dignity and respect in all situations is extremely important.

Health: Ensuring that we are all able to access NHS services quickly and efficiently is a key aspiration. Of particular interest to Mike is Mental Health Services where statistics evidence that most of us will incur or know someone in need of support services within each of our lifetime.

Transport: It is important to have good robust public transport and cycling and walking paths to enable us all to exercise cheaply and effectively whilst going about our daily lives.

Education: Mike would strongly support smaller class sizes in schools, as this is the key to good behaviour and learning.

The Green Party has clear strategies for all of these key topics.

Thank you very much for your contribution and we look forward to your feedback that it has been worth it! Thanks for believing in Mike Cherrington and the Green Party. 


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