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Car Seat Warning

Car Seat Alert


A small number of deaths in young babies have occurred in the past few months where babies have been left in car seats to sleep for long periods.


Research has been carried out in New Zealand in relation to babies experiencing breathing problems after being left sleeping in a car seat; concluded that the position the babies were sleeping in – with their head falling forward may have restricted their breathing.

The other significant factor was that the mothers of half the babies were smokers.

Research in America has also found that new-born and particularly premature babies can develop breathing problems from sitting for too long in car seats.

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths advises parents that the safest way for a baby to sleep is flat on their back and in their own cot or crib, preferably in the same room as a parent or other responsible carer.

However if a young baby is being transported in a car, he or she should be carried in a properly designed and fitted car seat, carried backwards and be observable by a competent adult.

▪ Every opportunity should be taken by everyone to reinforce with parents and carers of young babies to continue to use correctly fitted car seats for car journeys.
▪ To try to ensure that young babies do not have many long car journeys in particular.
▪ To not leave babies sleeping in their car seats once a journey is over, but rather place to sleep in their cot.

This information is meant to update knowledge and understanding and is not meant to scare monger or be taken out of context.

Last week at our #Darlington home #BNI

We had noticed that the water would not heat up if the central heating was turned on at the same time.

Before Christmas, British Gas kindly provided us with an estimate for a new boiler but the price truly felt way beyond being acceptable. Anyway, we met A D Plumbing and heating at BNI. He is currently offering to fit a new combi boiler from £1999 so we asked him to quote us a price for replacing our boiler.

He advised that our boiler is not energy efficient, but not in need of being replaced. He charged £150 for repairing the faulty valve.

He has promised a discount to everyone who purchases his services and mentions us. So now you can afford to deal with those niggling plumbing issues.

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