Red Pressures – Controlling the Heat!


5 ways to make those small but significant differences in your life

Lets talk work life balance!


1) Only work from one place in your house.  Do not allow your business or profession to spill in to every room within your home.

2) Be careful with your laptop as this business tool enables you to take your work into your bed-room. Allowing work into your private space!

3) Be very careful not to inappropriately mix business with pleasure.  There is much boundary setting when employing or working with friends or family members. These relationships are life long but can become very fragile quickly with devastating consequences!

4)  Make focussed planned time for your partner and your children.  Plan your family time and do not let your business or work interfere with that time.  For example: Don’t work on your (laptop) computer whilst watching a family programme.  Ensure you actively listen when your partner and children are talking to you.

5) Make time to connect with your thoughts and feelings everyday – if only for 20 minutes per day.  Take time to reflect and gather your thoughts. Review your time. Promote good self-care leadership and management techniques.

6) Ensure you do not neglect your key personal relationships especially your partner. The consequences can be dire. Especially if you have allowed the communications highways to be neglected!!

7) Make time for adult fun and intimacy in your life.   Natural hormones are released that help to stabilise and promote a sense of well-being.  Partners need love, affection and time and so do YOU.  A word of caution: If you loose your relationship along the journey then your children’s lives will be devastatingly affected which may impair their futures too!

8) Work on your mobile/blackberry/iPhone manners and ensure you develop family ethical ways of using this tool as this tool also has the capacity to encroach into all aspects and time within your life.

9) Try to commit to a hobby or interest outside of your relationships.  It is important to keep in touch with you.  To have time out.  Consider taking out a spa membership if you are not into a sport.  Try to take gentle exercise each and every day.  Remember that this could mean parking your car a little further away from your meeting and walking the rest of the journey.  Little strategies that can make a big difference.

10) Diary management. Ensure you plan ahead.  Put important dates in your diary including important dates for your child/ren and partner.  Such as: sports day, concerts, nativity plays, birthdays, anniversaries.

Remember, you are ultimately in charge of your life.  Don’t blame others and your life. Take small incremental steps to creating your meaningful future.  Work towards giving yourself the life you desire and deserve.

Don’t live your life in a bubble – not experiencing the world.  Break free, try new things. Engage a life coach. Value yourself, your goals and ambitions. After all, its your life and chances are that you will be responsible for the lives of others too.

Red Pressures

Controlling the Heat!

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