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Jonathan’s VW – Window transformation

Window transformation

Windows removed and the gap widened

This VW will be unique.  As you can see, the windows have been reshaped to allow for a greater camper experience.

Restoration Project

The colour Change aka Respray

This is a quick look at the re-spraying process.  Took longer than expected but much was learned.

Jonathan’s VW – Restoration

Monster wheel's

Transformation into camper van

Jonathan’s VW

As promised, here are a few pictures of the VW’s transformation into a camper van.Transformation into camper van

Red Pressures featured in Journal Live

Life coaching firm expands into mentoring businesses (Journal) 16.08.10[1]

Gazette Newspaper Featuring Red Pressures

Business Link Takes Pressure off Expanding Firm

A family-owned business is developing a growing reputation and expanding its client base, after receiving support from Business Link.

Darlington based Red Pressures offers a range of services including social work, training, business support such as leadership management, youth services and sports and life coaching.

The business was launched by Yvonne Cherrington in early 2007 who wanted to utilise her wealth of social work, organisational and business expertise to set up her own venture, initially working with organisations who needed management support during a gap

in recruitment.

Keen to get the business off to the best possible start, Yvonne and husband Mike approached Business Link for advice and guidance on their business idea from which marked the start of an ongoing relationship with the business support organisation.

The projects that Yvonne was involved with at this time, including her first role as Head of Safeguarding for the States of Guernsey, often meant spending time away from her family – Mike, a specialist in youth, sports and life coaching, and four children aged between 10 and 24 years old.

The role eventually led to the family uprooting from their Darlington home town to Devon after Yvonne was head hunted by Devon County Council to provide a change management programme.

Business Link adviser Suzanne Henty ensured that there was a smooth transition to Business Link in Devon.

During this time, Mike, spent his time further developing his coaching and mentoring client base, and attracted clients from as far afield as Hong Kong.

Keen to return to Darlington and establish Red Pressures’ roots in the region, with Mike a permanent member of the team, the family returned in August last year and continued their relationship with Business Link. They also joined a number of networking organisations to raise their profile in the area.

Business Link adviser Suzanne Henty has been able to provide a wide range of support to help the company through its first stage of growth. As well as ongoing mentoring and advice, she has been instrumental in helping the business to

access funds via the North East England Investment Centre (NEEIC) towards the development of an e-commerce website.

In addition, Business Link skills adviser Colin Hobson has been able to support a range of training and development initiatives, including identifying funds towards Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring and referring the business to Northumberland Business Services to complete the Leadership and Management Programme. He was also able to provide advice on locating suitable premises which has helped heighten the company’s profile.

Red Pressures is now in the throes of expansion and is providing a range of services to sole traders, SMEs, local authorities and voluntary and community sector organisations, and has seen a significant increase in its regional client base since returning to the area. The company, which employs six members of staff, including eldest sons Luke and Jonathan, is now looking to recruit two additional employees.

The Red Pressures team with Business Link advisers Suzanne Henty and Colin Hobson.

Mike Cherrington from Red Pressures said: “Suzanne and Colin have been instrumental in supporting the development of Red Pressures through ongoing advice and guidance.”

Business Link’s Suzanne Henty said: “Yvonne and Mike are determined to succeed in what is currently a difficult marketplace. Both are extremely focused and have overcome a number of obstacles to succeed. I look forward to helping

them achieve their future goals and to sustain their growth.”

Skills adviser Colin Hobson added: “Red Pressures continues to look for ways to progress and develop the busineRed Pressures – Evening Gazette 4 Aug[1]ss. They’ve established a great working relationship with Business Link and I hope this continues as the business grows.”

Pablo & Tasha’s puppies

Interim Management

Interim managers marketing collaboration
Here is an update on the thinking for the UK based interim managers’ collaborative marketing model.

Executive Summary
Increasingly organisations of all sizes are using more interim or part time management solutions rather than recruit a full time employee.

At the same time there are many more managers, who might ordinarily aim to be employees, currently marketing themselves as interim managers.

As an individual interim manager it is tough to market yourself to potential employers. Agencies are the answer for many but they require a commission as a percentage of the interim manager’s daily fee and often have a data base of many thousands of candidates so it may not be clear if you are being put forward for roles or not.

A solution is for professional interim managers to band together in a collaborative team in order to share the costs of marketing and to identify potential opportunities together.

A number of UK based interim managers have got together to use the Synogis model to form an interim team.

This approach enables them to use a team web site for clients to search, access and contact individual interim managers directly and the team plans to engage in direct and indirect marketing communications. A next phase may see interims with common skills sets group together in ‘Practice Groups’.

The whole model and the client marketing are funded by the members jointly. Each member contributes £25/month to fund the web site, marketing and associated administration. No one is employed centrally so the costs are very low. The level of direct to client marketing is dependent upon the size of the membership given that the costs are shared so success is dependent upon a having a high calibre critical mass of individuals.

Synogis itself is a vehicle for the individuals to go to market and is managed by the members. It does not bill clients and so does not act as a profit centre in the way that an agency would.

No commission is charged to the interim manager or the client so there is no conflict of interest. It does not matter how an individual wins a project because no commissions or fees go to Synogis. Similarly there is no conflict with the agencies because they too can access member directly.

To create an incentive for mutual business opportunity spotting, there is a proposal that if a member wins a project for another member there is an informally agreed fee of 10% between the two members.

We are hoping that this collaborative approach will offer great opportunities for individuals to leverage the power of each other without losing any independence and we have prepared a discussion paper to outline the plan in more detail. We can send you a copy if you are interested in finding out more.

You are very welcome to talk to any member of the team at

Richard Ilsley

Sneak Preview of Sponsorship Deal for Spraire Lads and Lasses North Team’s new strip

Red Pressures Red Pressures Sponsors Spraire Lads and Lassess Under 11’s North Team.

Here is a sneeky preview of their new strip that has been carefully designed in partnership with Red Pressures.

Mike Cherrington commented that “there is so much to be achieved by giving a little back to the community especially when it is for our children and young people of Darlington”

Lets wish this team all the best for the next season and beyond.  Click on the link to reveal the strip.

Darlington Spraire Lads and Lasses Under 11’s North Team

Pleased to announce that we now have more than a full compliment of 11 players.

Jacob Cherrington – Captain and Central Midfiled,

Lewis Jauiux, Right Mid-field,

Jack Weirs, Defence,

Tom Larking, Goal Keeper and Defender,

George Cooper, Goal Keeper,

Jonathan Barras, Striker,

Cain Tilney – Defender

Morgan Kirkly – Striker

Sam Harvey – Defender

James Haughton – Left Mid-filed

Taylor Code – Central Midfield,

Megan Summers – Mid fielders,

Lauren Summers – Defenders,

Chloe Summers. – Defenders

Team Manager / Coach – Mike Cherrington

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