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Fully Funded Leadership and Management Training

Controlling the Heat! by improving your leadership skills through training

Leadership Training

Giving Briefings and making Presentations Training

Controlling the Heat! by providing you with quality training

Giving briefings and making presentations

Team Building Training

Controlling the Heat! by providing you with funded accredited training

Team building Trainin

Partnership working with Darlington Spraire Lads and Lasses

Prague Guest Speaker Potential Opportunity

Red Pressures Controlling the Heat! by alerting you to potential opportunities

Yvonne requested to be guest speaker in Prague

Dear ladies,

I have been approached by a conference producer within Marcus Evans who is currently preparing a conference on ‘Women leadership’. She asked if I was prepared to be a guest speaker at the event thus I wondered if any of you were potentially interested too?

Please leave me your comment and indicate whether you would be interested in potentially being a guest speaker at the conference which will be held in Prague and what topics do think should be discussed etc.

I would be interested in knowing your views as to:

  • What should be some of the key topics to discuss at the conference in your opinion?
  • How should the they differentiate this conference from all the others?
  • Whom would you like to meet at the conference?
  • Whom should they invite?
  • What would be the topic you would like to present on?
  • Would mid November be a good date for the conference?
  • Where do you think the conference should take place?
  • Do you think that Prague is a good location for it?
  • How do you learn of such events?
  • Where should we promote the event?

Thank you in advance for your kind insights that will assist them in building a practical meeting for the top experts.  Please email me your details if you are seriously interested in potentially being a guest speaker identifying what your topic would be along with a brief outline of your credtials in no more than 400 words which I will forward on to enable you to be contacted directly.  Good luck and see you in Prague!

Yvonne Cherrington

Red Pressures

Controlling the Heat!

Funded Accredited Leadership and Management Training

Red Pressures - Controlling the Heat! by providing funded accredited training

Red Pressures provides funded accredited Leadership and Management Training

Dear Colleague,

Fully funded Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Accredited Level 3 Leadership and Management Development Training available for businesses between (1-249 employees).

Available 1 Day Accredited Training Courses include:

  • Introduction to leadership,
  • Building the team,
  • Managing conflict in the workplace,
  • Achieving objectives through time management,
  • Giving briefings and making presentations in the work place,

We are pleased to inform you that following the 1 day accredited training, a further half day fully funded non accredited training is available; be-spoke to your organisational needs and development.

Registered provider with: Regional Skills Fund (RSF) North East England Service, Providers Register (NEESPR).  United Kingdom Register for Learning Providers (UKLRP)

Contact: Mike Cherrington on 07794 523737 or email: for further information and to secure your place.

Yours truly

Mike Cherrington MCMI


Red Pressures – Controlling the Heat! By providing you with fully funded training.

Stimulating Holiday Fun for kids 8 – 13 years

Red Pressures - Controlling the Heat! by supporting fun activities for children

Partnership Working for the benefit of children

Spraire Lads and Lasses are running multi activities courses at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College at Abbey Road, Darlington in partnership with Red Pressures.

This will include Football, Cricket, Athletics, Rounders etc.

The course commences Wednesday 4th August for three days including Thursday and Friday. 10 – 3pm.

Cost is £7 per day or £20 for the 3 days. To book a place, please contact Dave or Linda Scott on 01325 253581

Sorry, places are limited thus offered on a first come first served basis.

Red Pressures

Bid Writing Training

Attended the above today.  It was very good. They gave us a file full of helpful information.  Met some great new people too.

Help Wanted – Social Media Etiquette

Is there any one out there who can share social media etiquette tips with us?

Red Pressures Controlling the Heat! by becoming social media aware

Help Wanted - What is social media etiquette?

Yvonne thinks that she has broken social media etiquette on many occasions by her lack of knowledge in this area. Yvonne has actually been bullied (well he attempted to bully Yvonne) for posting on linked in!

Free Money – Get Yours

We don’t know how long the mentoring fund will remain available but as you know, there are many funding cuts taking place.

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